Prusa Slicer Settings

Prusa Slicer

I use Prusa Slicer as my primary slicing software for all of my printers. It is a branch of Slic3r, updated and maintained by Prusa Research.
Get it here:


These are the settings that I currently use with my Mk2.5 and Prusa Slicer, while filming my timelapses.
I use a 0.4mm steel nozzle, or a 0.2mm brass nozzle. The settings change occasionally, I’ll try to keep them updated.
Mk2.5 Download

FLSUN F5 Hypercube

These are the Prusa Slicer settings that I currently use with my modified FLSUN F5 Hypercube. I use two 0.4mm brass nozzles, and two 50mm blower fans for part cooling.
Configuration: Cube Download
This is the modified version of Marlin 1.19 I use on the printer: Marlin Download
Printer Link: AmazonAliexpress