OpenSlider XYZ

Openslider XYZ is a motorized slider with multiple axis of rotation. 
Built using common hardware and 3D printed components.


OpenSlider XYZ Exploded View
OpenSlider X/Y assembly exploded

The slider is designed with ease of printing and assembly in mind. No support material needed.
PETG or ABS is recommended for printing the frame of the slider.

M3 and M5 fasteners are use for the assembly.
The motion system uses NEMA-17 motors and 6mm GT2 belts.

The main branch uses an SKR1.3 with TMC2130 drivers. It runs on Marlin 2.0.
The SKR and TMC2130 are chosen due to the turnkey support for advanced features, like sensorless homing.

You can use a variety of other options to control the slider, like an Arduino or ESP32.
For motor drivers, you can opt for lower cost alternatives like the A4988 or DRV8825.

A simplified version can be built using an Arduino UNO CNC shield running GRBL1.1.
This reduces the cost of electronics significantly, but you lose out on more advanced features.

The main project branch is hosted on Github, it includes all of the 3D printable files and a configured branch of Marlin for the SKR1.3 with TMC2130.