OpenSlider V0.2

Note: This project is undergoing changes. The next version of OpenSlider is going to utilize a 32bit controller and Marlin.

OpenSlider is currently powered by Grbl and UGS
The slider currently runs on an Arduino UNO clone, with a 4-Axis CNC shield and A4988 stepper motor drivers.

If you are using A4988 motor drivers and the UNO compatible shield, it is helpful to use 1/16 stepping. There are jumpers on the stepper motor sockets labeled M0, M1, M2. Use jumpers on them to achieve different levels of microstepping.



Universal Gcode Sender (UGS):

Arduino IDE:

How to compile and install Grbl:

After flashing Grbl, open Universal Gcode Sender. Select the port and baud rate (115200), and connect.

Provided all things went as planned, you’ll see the console in UGS populate with the current configuration.
You can send commands to the controller via the console. Send “$$” to check your config. This is my current configuration:


You can find this hardware on a lot of different online retailers. I got most of mine through Aliexpress and Amazon.

1x UNO + CNC shield (Or alternative): Aliexpress Kit (With drivers)
3x NEMA-17 Stepper Motors (Various sizes work): Aliexpress
1x 2040 Aluminum Extrusion (Various lengths work, check V-Slot type): Aliexpress
M5 Bolts (M5x20mm, at least 6 for X-Axis): Aliexpress
M5 Nuts: Aliexpress
M3 Bolts: Aliexpress
M3 Nuts: Aliexpress
608 Bearings: Aliexpress
X-Axis Roller Wheels: Aliexpress
GT2 Belt: Continuous LengthClosed Loop

Movement For Printer Timelapses:

[WIP] More to come.
Movement for the camera slider is planned beforehand, and is sent to the slider using UGS in the form of .gcode
Grbl Commands: