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Dollar Cost Averaging Excel Sheet

This is a simple Excel dollar cost averaging table for managing crypto and other trades, feel free to use it if you find it helpful.

You can use this table to track your trades, and it will automatically calculate your average purchase price as well as minimum sale price in order to take profit.

Enter your tokens in the left column, followed by the quantity you purchased and the cost per unit.
The table will calculate your total purchase price and DCA, outputting everything at the bottom right.
You can easily modify the formulas to adjust fee percentages, etc.


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3 thoughts on “Dollar Cost Averaging Excel Sheet

  1. Thank you – I needed just a simple one, this is perfect!

  2. Thank you! This is perfect!

  3. I found this an ideal shortcut (saved me time trying to figure it out and write the equations) to capture average cost of Bitcoin investments – 200 here 400 there……. 3,000 total. Now I know we’re in the profit 😉

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